PowerBI Expert

Our Customer in the telecom business is looking for a Power BI Expert to join their competence center.

The competence center is responsible for the management and governance of the Power BI platform inside the Customer.
As such, we stand at the nexus of most discussions about Power BI, and we need to answer technical questions as well as organizational questions.
The candidate will be able to take ownership of some of those questions and lead the discussions needed in order to solve the problem.
As we work on the technical aspects of the Power BI platform, some strong experience of the tool is needed.

The ideal candidate should:
- have +/- 5 years of relevant experience (Business Intelligence)
- be happy to work on infrastructure management and governance.
- become the owner and main driver of some processes managed by the team (training process, etc.).
- have a broad knowledge of PowerBI features ( DAX, data modelling, PBI Service management , access management, etc.).
- be proactive in filling the knowledge gaps (both with the help of the team and without) and following technical evolutions of the tool.
- have experience with SSIS, SSAS and SSRS.
- languages: FR/NL and EN are required (team).

Soft skills:
- Able to be the voice of the competence center and PowerBI towards the business and the sponsors.
- Comfortable in training people and guiding people in their Power BI journey.
- Interpersonal skills.
- Self management ( priorities) and multitasking.
- Self improving.