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Frédéric Hubin
Senior Java Architect at ING Belgium

What is the output of:

425 answers
145 good - 280 bad
Carole Dembour
Advisor - Economics at FEB

Cell A1 contains the (numerical) value 5 ; cell A2 contains the value 15 ; and cell A3 contains...

944 answers
731 good - 213 bad
Pierre-Emmanuel Dautreppe
.Net Evangelist and Agile Coach at Pyxis Belgium

You define an extension method like this

192 answers
33 good - 159 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Une machine à glaces produit des montages colorés d’une manière spécifique.

162 answers
5 good - 157 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Le système d’exploitation Styx a une fonction spéciale.

437 answers
307 good - 130 bad
Sébastien Combéfis
Lecturer at ECAM

Il a y trois spots qui illuminent la scène du grand théâtre Giordano : un rouge, un vert et un...

188 answers
44 good - 144 bad
Ludovic Saublains
Senior Java Developer at Groupe Open Belgium

What is the meaning of this error « Unsupported major.minor version 51.0 »?

290 answers
150 good - 140 bad
Guillaume de Moffarts
in Computer Science Engineering at ECAM

Given the following instruction, which conditions result in a list which only contains odd...

309 answers
37 good - 272 bad
Geoffrey Vandiest
Chief Technical Architect Gas Flow Management at Fluxys

What will be the output when executing this code:

84 answers
29 good - 55 bad
Axel Schmolitzky
Prof. Dr. at HAW Hamburg

Which value does the variable difference hold after the execution of the following Java code?

143 answers
87 good - 56 bad
Gilles Flisch
Microsoft Tailor Made Development Manager at Elia

To change the culture of an application at runtime in UWP I have to:

364 answers
44 good - 320 bad
Eric Steegmans
Professor at KULeuven

Which of the claims below are correct if theMethod below would be overridden in an abstract...

321 answers
164 good - 157 bad
Sylvain Guerin
Angular 2 Enthusiast & Digital Craftsman at ENGIE Electrabel

According to you, what is the first benefit of using an 'immediately-invoked function expression...

992 answers
873 good - 119 bad
Öykü Isik
Expert in Business Intelligence and Privacy, Professor of Information Systems Management at Vlerick
Big data management

What phase is NOT part of the CRISP-DM (Cross Industry Standard for Data Mining...

324 answers
163 good - 161 bad
Samuel Cremer

What is the output of the following code ?

639 answers
308 good - 331 bad