IT Education in Europe for X

EDITx connects IT educators from different schools. Experts can build learning questions in their field and contribute new features to the platform, creating innovative tools for every IT professional, student & Scholar.

EDITx for X

Test your skills, gain knowledge and insight. Participate to challenges organised by prestigious companies and organisations. Win prizes, find employment opportunities, have fun: show what you know, share it if you want. Moreover, be recognized as an Expert in your field and gain the status of an IT Educator.

EDITx for IT professors

Sharing is caring. As a Contributor to the library questions, you can create trainings and exams quickly by tapping into our library stocked with multiple-choice questions of all the different experts. The difficulty levels of the questions, created by the other professors, vary to suit to your screening needs. You can even brand your exams with your school logo, compare the results in real time, get insight about your test, get in touch with other professors, get alerted when someone put a new question in your field of expertize.

Your students can use EDITx to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for everyone in today’s society.

How it works

What’s a Quizz? Enjoy & Decide.

Do what you want, it’s for you! Use an avatar or reveal your identity, invite your friends, share your results or not. Move your skills forward and earn recognition from IT experts or just see where you stand. The only purpose is to allow our users to get knowledge sharing by Industry Experts on a particular topic.

What’s a Challenge? Enjoy and get Prizes.

Follow these three simple

  1. Register for challenge: Register yourself on EDITx and participate in the Challenge
  2. Solve Challenge: Solve the coding problem & be the coding leader by scoring top rank
  3. Get Prizes: Get awards, prizes and network with IT, Marketing or HR Directors.