Senior Java Developer

As a Senior Java Developer/Architect, you will have the following responsibilities.

  • You are responsible for drawing high-level solutions fit to the needs of our clients. Therefore, it’s only logical that you keep close contact with the customer.
  • You implement complex systems and give accurate technical advice to your colleagues and clients. In addition, you will coach your technical colleagues and bring their skills to a higher level. You are the point of contact for the software engineers and support them on a daily basis with the development of suitable solutions.
  • You work hands-on on the development of innovative projects for clients and follow the latest trends within your domain. You steer the architecture, as well as the design and development.
  • You contribute to the technical part of our bids.

Do you have what it takes?

A Senior Java Developer/Architect at ACA needs to have the following knowledge and skills.

Hard skills

  • You have worked with Java/JEE for over three years. There really shouldn’t be any big Java secrets left for you.
  • You can apply OO principles and design patterns.
  • Communication skills are essential, since you’ll be working in a team that shares its information in Dutch and English.
  • Preferably, you have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Sciences.

Do you have even more to offer? These skills count as a bonus:

  • Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • Spring
  • Docker
  • Transparent Persistency (JPA, Hibernate, …)
  • Overall concept about Security
  • OSGi, Felix
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Continuous Integration (Maven, Git, Jenkins)
  • Agile
  • Extreme Programming
  • Test Driven Development

Soft skills

  • Team player: you love delivering great software solutions to our clients together with a team of developers, architects, business analysts and project managers.
  • Analytical and critical mind: you’re unable to rest before you’ve found a working solution for that one crucial problem.
  • Innovative mindset: you’ll develop extremely scalable and reliable applications by using the latest tools and technologies.