Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist, you will deal with a complex range of big data topics.

You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and sectors and on a daily basis you will:

· Formalize a business need into a technical solution & implement it

· Mining both structured & unstructured data to identify patterns and provide information through predictive models

· Explore and collect data from multiple sources to apply or develop analytical and statistical methods and machine learning models

· Present reports and create insightful information and help managers make better data-driven decisions

· You apply statistics and machine learning algorithms to discover patterns in datasets;

· Be part of an Analytics team composed of Data Analysts and Data Engineers, collaborate daily with the business teams

· Your understanding of data science techniques and your ability to implement them in practice will make you great in your role. However, your ability to communicate well these data scientific principles, results, and actions is what will make you become excellent.

The technical environments available with our customers are: Python (Tensorflow, Pandas, Numpy, scikit-learn…), R, SQL, Machine learning & AI tools and techniques (k-nearest neighbors, random forests, ensemble methods, clustering, regression, neural networks…).

On top of that, you could be involved in our solution centres where we develop tailored solutions for our clients.

For some concrete examples of projects, check our uses cases (link:

Who are you ?

As a Positive Thinker you...

· Speak Dutch or French and have a good knowledge of English.

· Have at least 2 years of experience as a Data Scientist.

· Will be an outstanding candidate if you share our values: Positive Thinking, Collaboration, Evolution & Commitment.

· Hold a degree in Computer science, Statistics or Economics, but above all we are looking for a passionate person who can present a project that he/she is proud of


What are we offering you ?


o Personal follow-up during your career at PTC

o Catalogue with a wide variety of trainings for hard- and soft skills, private language classes, unlimited access to an E-learning platform (Udemy, Pluralsight,…) and possibility to get certified every year


o Opportunity to join the Data community and participate in knowledge sharing sessions, events, workshops, etc.

o Join one of the passion communities and practice your hobby or share your interests with other positive thinkers

o International collaboration, possibility to work worldwide


o Competitive salary with a flexible mobility package (variety of choice, including: Electrical cars, electrical bikes, payment of rent/mortgage...)

o Copyrights

o You will become part of a growing team of people keen on applying the latest technologies and knowledge. You will be able to work in a dynamic, innovating environment with the proper touch of geekiness and yearning for board games.